Emergency Work + Storm Damage

Carroll Tree Service offers emergency removal service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Trees damaged in heavy storms can cause dangerous situations. Strong winds can easily uproot trees and cause large branches to fall onto buildings or cars. Insurance companies may cover the cost of damage depending on your policy, but sometimes the greatest loss is the tree itself which may have been the pride of your landscape. However, it is possible to prepare trees for violent weather. Have trees inspected for potential weaknesses or hazards. Please remember that storm damaged trees can create a precarious removal process. Emergency removals are extremely unpredictable and factors such as the stability of a building or structure compared to the weight of a damaged tree or limb can present unforeseen danger. Regardless of whether or not you hire Carroll Tree Service, please remember that only qualified professionals with appropriate insurance coverage should handle jobs with high potential for damage.

VP, Sam Mays talks about the removal of a 90 foot Black Locust, which well across power lines during Hurricane Irene. A crane was used to remove pieces of the tree safely.