Contractor Site Services

Carroll Tree Service is the Contractor’s Choice for arboricultural site services. From clearing and grubbing to the preservation of important save trees, we have expert administrative staff, highly skilled operators, and the structural flexibility to provide the swift mobilization of resources.


  • Scope and Specification Development

Tree Preservation

  • Tree Protection

  • Root Protection

  • Root Pruning

  • Soil Nutrient Management

Clearing and Grubbing

Technical Removals

Canopy Pruning

Plant Health Care

Expert Administrative Staff

Formal Corporate and Regulatory Compliance Policies

Credentialed Supervisory and Field Personnel

  • Certified Arborists

  • Licensed Tree Experts

  • Licensed Pesticide Applicators

  • Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals

  • Certified CPR/First Aid Instructors

  • Maryland Temporary Traffic Control Managers

  • Nationally Certified Crane Operators

  • Certified Tree Risk Assessors

  • Registered Consulting Arborist

  • Electrical Hazards Awareness (EHAP) Instructor

Full-Time Safety Director

Complete In-House Safety and Training Programs

  • Initial Safety Orientation

  • CPR/First Aid Certification

  • Electrical Hazards Awareness (EHAP)

  • Aerial Rescue/Emergency Response

  • Crane Operator and Rigger Qualification

  • Line Clearance Certification

  • Hazard Communications

  • Position-Specific Proficiencies and Evaluations

  • Continuing Education


Notable Projects


Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Project: Johns Hopkins University Mudd Hall

Contact: Mike Newman

Subcontract Total: $91,000


Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Project: Johns Hopkins University Malone Hall

Contact: Jay Minkler

Subcontract Total: $13,565


Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Project: San Martin Drive Pedestrian Improvements

Contact: Jeff Downs

Subcontract Total: $287,745


Contractor: Corman Construction

Project: Lincoln Memorial Modernization

Contact: Tom Mulcahy

Subcontract Total: $202,000


Contractor: Spiniello Companies

Project: Herring Run Interceptors Phase II

Contact: Warren Glaser

Subcontract Total: $230,000