Carroll Tree Service, Inc. is a full service TCIA Accredited tree care company with Maryland Licensed Tree Experts and ISA Certified Arborists on staff. We have served the Baltimore Metropolitan Area since 1950. We handle all aspects of service from plant health care to hazardous tree removal. We offer residential & commercial service, and we are fully licensed & insured.



Trees can be a valuable property asset and having them properly cared is often a smart investment. We have worked with homeowners in the Baltimore area for over 65 years to help maintain the health and beauty of their properties.


With well-trained foremen, specialized equipment, and a fleet of over 50 trucks, Carroll Tree Service can efficiently complete commercial, municipal, and state projects. 


Emergency Work +


Carroll Tree Service offers emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trees damaged in heavy storms can cause dangerous situations that should be mitigated by professional arborists.

Contractor Site


Carroll Tree Service is the Contractor’s Choice for arboricultural site services. From clearing and grubbing to the preservation of important save trees, we have expert administrative staff, highly skilled operators, and the structural flexibility to provide the swift mobilization of re-sources.


Tree Preservation

Tree preservation is a set of preventative measures that are recommended for implementation in an attempt to minimize the likely impact to existing trees that may occur as a result of construction activities. 


After a tree is removed, the stump can (usually) be removed with a machine such as our portable Bandit grinder. Stump grinding results in wood chips which can be left as-is or removed and replaced with soil and grass seed.



Pruning involves the removal of deadwood, damaged limbs and stubs. CTS will always prune trees properly according to current Tree Care Industry Association and ANSI Standards. 

Plant Health Care

The control of harmful pests is a significant part of tree care, and some pests may require immediate attention. We can identify problems, and if treatment is necessary, determine the best method of control.


Fertilization +

Soil Management

Fertilization can improve the overall health of trees and shrubs so they are more resistant to environmental stresses such as drought, insect damage, or disease.   

Root Collar


Removal of excess soil and mulch from the base of a tree. When trees are planted too deep, they may become susceptible to girdling roots. Girdling roots grow around the main stem and “choke” the tree. 


Lightning Protection

Protect the oldest and most valuable trees on your property. Copper conductors are placed into the highest portions of a tree, down the main branches and trunks, then out beyond a tree's “drip line”.

Support Cables

If a tree has weak branches, support can be added in the form of cables, braces, or guys to prevent failure and loss of limbs. Cabling will help support the tree, and prevent having to remove the branch or tree.

What Drives Us

We believe in caring for one another. We believe in honesty and hard work. We believe that character is revealed through conduct, and therefore the merit of a company is measured by its performance. From the first phone call to the last shovel full of debris our customers can expect service from highly skilled personnel who are guided by integrity and the value of hard work. 

My husband and I have been married for thirty-three years and I can NOT remember a time when something has been done to our house, either inside or out, that he has been so extremely satisfied. Since our job is completed, I have told other neighbors and friends about what an honest and trustworthy company you are. Thank you so much for being a company with integrity.
— B. Marshall, Glen Arm
What a professional job you did in removing that huge tree and trimming the others! Thank you. You continue to be a class act.
— B. Brunk, Finksburg
Carroll Tree Service cut down several trees and did extensive pruning for me and my neighbors. They were excellent - professional, courteous, and competent. We love working with them.
— J. Jones, Ruxton
The people at Carroll Tree Service are true professionals, starting with your first call to the office. The crews are courteous, skilled, and well-trained and they work efficiently with proper tools and equipment to get the job done quickly.
— V. Hopkins, Westminster



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