Tree Preservation

Tree preservation is a set of preventative measures that are recommended for implementation in an attempt to minimize the likely impact to existing trees that may occur as a result of construction activities. The specific preservation measures selected for implementation may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Tree protection fencing: to prevent contact with the tree(s) and disturbance of the critical root zone(s) (CRZs)

  • Air excavation and root pruning: to avoid tearing and/or ripping roots that must be severed to facilitate construction activities

  • Canopy pruning: to compensate for root loss that may occur during construction

  • Root protection mulching and/or matting: to protect CRZs from soil compaction caused by heavy equipment traffic

  • Bio-stimulant/fertilizer application: to supplement nutrients and minerals that may be depleted during the construction process

  • Root stimulation and specialized soil amendments: additional supplemental activities usually reserved for CRZs of mature trees that are severely impacted by construction activities

  • Integrated pest management (IPM) program: monitoring and treatment of insects and disease to minimize their impact on trees already stressed from construction

  • Watering program: to ensure proper soil moisture content is maintained in the CRZs of trees under construction stress

A tree preservation program is not a guarantee that existing trees will survive the impact of construction activities. Trees are complex biological organisms whose mortality is dependent upon multiple seen and unseen variables. Their reaction to the stress of construction cannot always be effectively predicted, even with the most professional implementation of preservation measures. However, when an effective preservation program is included as part of the planning, performance and follow-up of construction activities, the chances of existing trees being restored to full health and vigor are greatly increased.

Whether you are installing irrigation, constructing a new hardscape, or building a new structure, trees are valuable assets that should not be neglected. Carroll Tree Service has Certified Arborists on staff who will work with your landscape and construction professionals to customize and implement a tree preservation program that will give the existing trees on your property their best chance to reduce to impact of construction.